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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Humboldt to Hampton - 71.1 miles

Bill & and Ed rode the first leg and saw a single bicycle crash.  Rider hit the road at about 16 mi./hr. and bike and rider slid off the road.  Seemed to be okay.  They enjoyed a chop from Mr. Pork Chop along side the route.  At the Meeting Town of Clarion they went to the Beer Garden and were victimized by the rowdy side of RAGBRAI….ask for details if you are over 18.

Helen rode the second leg and ate pork loin on a stick, walking taco, and great pie & ice-cream from First Reformist Church.  Yummy. Enjoyed the 90+ year old ladies (and proud of it) singing the Iowa Song for the riders as I rode through the pass-through town of Alexander.

Dinner was lasagna at the high school cafeteria in Hampton….Good, #4.  Ratings might change at ride conclusion.  We camped near the street at the high school.  Showers at the school ran out of water for awhile and were ice cold by the time we took ours. 

We watched commando parachuters gliding into the fairgrounds and later that evening while sitting at our campsite we watched a nice display of fireworks. 

pork chop
  Mr. porkchop
old ladies