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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hampton to Cedar Falls - 68.2 miles

Promises of Pie, Pizza, Pork, & Pop.  We just want kybos and showers…..

Ed rode first leg and enjoyed another chop on route.  Bill and I rode the second leg and enjoyed our conversations with other cyclists and the consensus was that the band in Hampton was too loud, too few kybos and no hand washing stations or trash cans. 

Someone or group on RAGBRAI places small signs along the road announcing "Road Kill Ahead". It is the custom on RAGBRAI to drop Mardi-Gras beads on top of road kill. Bill and I saw the sign and then a raccoon looking animal wearing a cute little red hat with several beads on top. I thought it might be fake but Bill proclaimed it to be real road kill. Today we were not wearing beads so could not participate in honoring the departed.

Bill and I were first to arrive to Cedar Falls by bike and began scouting for a campsite.  Bill’s requirement, must have plenty of kybos and showers.  Cedar Falls has been outstanding…..camped at the high school near the Uni-Dome.  Warm showers, enjoyed the swimming pool, delicious lasagna dinner, lots of kybos, all within close proximity.

Ed did a spectacular cannonball from the high dive at the swimming pool.  He received a round of applause from onlookers ….lots of oohs and aahs as he made his big splash.  Seemed like a long time before he surfaced with a big grin.  Still a kid!  And, we have Wi-Fi and power out in the school court yard so we are happy to be able to update the last few days.

  kids band
Riding toward the University of Northern Iowa
(Uni-Dome) Dome, Cedar Falls
School Band, Aplington, IA
swimming pool
Cedar Falls high school pool where Ed made his big SPLASH